Current Standing Rules May 2020


1. The Chihuahua Club of America will reimburse its AKC delegate an amount not to exceed $500 for
expenses incurred when attending an AKC delegates’ meeting. (SR1 Oct90) (SR17 Oct96) (combined June
03) (SR rev. Sept06) (SP Rev 11/18)

2. The Chihuahua Club of America’s delegate to AKC is urged to attend and give report at all
Quarterly Chihuahua Club of America Board meetings. (SR3 Oct90) (Rev 11/19)

(Rev 7/20)



1. Board members will be present at the Fall show, and be present and active on the board
conference. If however, any board member is unwilling or unable to commit to these expectations, or
they are not able to be present and active during these events, and 75% of all conference calls
(any cancelled meetings are considered attended) they will be asked to step down and allow someone
else to step up that will be able to better serve the club at this time. (SR1 Nov10) (Rev 11/19)
(Rev 7/20)

2. Anything that is sent out to the entire membership in writing from a Board Member or Committee
Chairman must be approved by the full board before being sent and include the CCA logo. (SR 5/20)


1. Robert’s Rules of Order for Small Boards will be used for future meetings of the Board. (SR1
May 03)

2. Per the CCA By-Laws, the Board may conduct business by conference calls, such calls will be
paid for by the CCA. (SR6 95) (SR2 May03)

3. Meetings of the Board (during the Oct. National Specialty) may begin on Wednesday afternoon
and continue as needed. (SR1 Oct 14)

4. The subject and results of Board votes on conference calls will be published. (SR1 Sept04)
(Rev 7/20)

5. No minutes of Board meetings will be published in the Chi-Chatter prior to their approval by
the Board. (SR Mar06)


1. Any check, submitted to the CCA by an individual or club, which is refused due to insufficient
funds, must be replaced with a money order or cashier’s check for the original amount, plus a $35 returned check fee.
(SR1 Aug05) (Rev 11/19)

2. No membership applicant’s name will be published, nor should the membership committee vote on
the applicant, until all application fees have been credited to CCA’s accounts. (SR1 Feb05)


1. All committee chairs are to provide a written quarterly report to CCA’s President and a copy
to all the Board to be shared with the membership. (SR1 Sept06 Call-amended Nov16) (Rev 11/19) (Rev

2. The Ways and Means funds will be allocated to the General Fund and may be used to assist
Junior Members in attending Westminster, AKC National Championship or the CCA National, providing
the Junior Member is exhibiting a Chihuahua as their primary breed. (SR2 Nov09) (Rev 11/19) (Rev

3. No Committee member will receive compensation for their duties whether monetarily or
otherwise. (SR4 March19)


1. The Board of Directors must approve all CCA business that requires a contract signed by an
officer. Committee chairs will provide copies of these contracts to the Board. (SR5 Oct99) (SR1
June03) (Rev 7/20)


1. The Chihuahua Club of America will hire an independent firm to conduct the balloting for the
annual election. The sealed envelope containing the results of the election will be brought to the
meeting, opened at the podium, and then read by the Election Chair (or President if Election Chair
not present). The teller will send a certified count, keep the ballots for 6 months, and then
destroy them. (SR6 Oct00) (SR2 June03) (SR2 Oct08)

2. Ballots sent out, must indicate on the outside of the mailing envelope that they are from the
Chihuahua Club of America, per AKC request. (SR2 Apr07)


1. The Chihuahua Club of America will purchase insurance that will protect the Club and its
Officers and Board members. (SR2 May98) (SR1 June03)

2. The Treasurer of the Chihuahua Club of America will be bonded. (SR2 Apr93)


1. In October 1986, the Board voted that Sweepstakes judges will NOT exhibit any Chihuahuas at
the specialty they are judging or at any companion specialties. (SR7 Apr93) As stated in AKC Rules
Applying to Dog Shows, CH 11 Section 13, this provision does not apply to the judge of the Four-to-Six Month Competition. Such judges may also exhibit on the day(s) they judge. (SR2 NOV16) (Rev 7/20)

2. Each CCA member may nominate one (1) judge in CCA’s specialty judge selection process. The top
six (6) nominated judges will be listed on the ballot, and members may vote for one (1) judge. A
Conformation and Sweepstakes judges’ nomination form shall be included in the mailing of the slate
of candidates by June 15 to be returned to the Election Chair by postmark July 15.

3. The membership of the Chihuahua Club of America will nominate one Sweepstakes judge for the
Fall National/Regional Specialties at least one (1) year in advance of the specialties. The nominee
must indicate his/her written acceptance of the assignment before the nomination is submitted.
Nominations will be made in the same manner as nominations for Specialty judges, with the top six
(6) listed on the ballot and members vote for one (1) judge. The CCA will continue to honor our
members by selecting them to be our Sweepstakes judges whenever possible. (SR3 Oct92) (SR15 May96)
(SR2 June03) (rev. SR1 Nov06) (rev 11/19) (Rev 7/20)

4. Compensation for conformation judges at CCA specialties may not exceed $1,500. (SR1 Apr97)
(SR5 June 03)

5. No previous CCA Specialty conformation judge may be asked to judge within five (5) years of
his/her past assignment except in the case of an entry overload. (SR2 Oct93) (SR20Oct96)

6. CCA members will select the Club’s specialties’ conformation and sweepstakes judges at the
membership meeting at the Fall Regional/National show conducted in conjunction with the annual
election. (SR10 May96) (SR June03) (revNov09) (revOct14)(rev 11/19) (Rev 07/20)

7. A conformation judge contacted to judge a CCA Specialty must be informed of, and agree to, the
requirement that prohibits the acceptance of an assignment to judge any Chihuahua breed competition
during the 6 months prior to that CCA Specialty. This requirement must be included in the judge’s
contract, and applies to Sweepstakes judges also effective October 3, 2009. (SR4 May98) (SR9
June03) (SR2 Apr09)

8. The CCA will not compensate its obedience judges an amount greater than $150.00. (SR1 Oct93)
(SR10 June03).

9. In the event of an entry overload at a Chihuahua Club of America Specialty, the five

(5) year limitation rule applying to conformation judges will be waived. The judge will

not be penalized for accepting an overload assignment. (SR3 Apr01) (SR12 June03) (SR Mar07)

10. When a judge must be hired for Jr. Showmanship competition only, a gift not to exceed $25 will
be given. (SR3 Apr01)

11. No previous CCA Specialty obedience events judge may be contracted to judge within three (3)
years of the past assignment, except in the case of an entry overload. (SR2 May02) (SR14 June03)


1. For the Fall Regional/National event, CCA will guaranty a trophy fund of $2200 total and for
any Regional Specialty, CCA will guaranty a trophy fund of $500. Once Trophy donations meet or
exceed the $2200 or the $500 level for their respective events, additional CCA funds will not be
provided. Trophy chairs can spend all donated funds on trophies for their event(s). If there are
unused funds, those funds can be banked towards use for trophies for a future event. If donations
fail to meet the budget level for the event, CCA will provide funds sufficient to meet the $2200 or
$500 trophy fund level. (Rev 07/20)


1. The Chihuahua Club of America logo cannot be reproduced in personal advertising in any print or
media outlet. A letter will be sent to the offender. (SR4 Oct03)


1. The CCA will publish in the Chi-Chatter and on the Website, word for word, the AKC suspension
of any CCA member. (SR1 Sep 09)

2. No individual CCA member may take personal ownership of any CCA physical or electronic
property. (SR2 Oct 15)

3. Addition to the standing rules 10/20
No member shall use social media to make derogatory comments – direct or implied – about another member, the club, or the Board of Directors.  Such conduct may be considered incompatible with continued membership and may lead to the expulsion of that member.
This will become effective immediately and is also applicable to all member clubs.


The Board of the Chihuahua Club of America (upon the advice of an attorney) has established the
following policy re selling or purchasing a dog at auction.

Though acknowledging that auctions are an accepted means of purchasing and selling many types of
animals, and that auctions are legislatively and judicially sanctioned or required in many
jurisdictions, the Chihuahua Club of America strongly discourages the sale or purchase of dogs at
auction. The Chihuahua Club of America believes that dog breeders, dog sellers, and prospective dog
purchasers should give careful consideration prior to deciding to sell or purchase a dog. It is the
position of the Chihuahua Club of America that sales by auction are not conductive to the making of
such an informed choice. The Chihuahua Club of America, therefore, recommends against the sale or
purchase of dogs at auction. (SR6 Oct02)


In addition, the Board of the Chihuahua Club of America has amended the Code of

Ethics to include:

I will not participate in the buying or selling of dogs at auctions. (SR6 Oct02)



1. Effective in 2017 CCA will discontinue giving blanket approval to Member Club in an attempt to
avoid scheduling conflicts between our Member Clubs. (SR1Oct15)

2. Two CCA Member clubs may hold their specialties on the same day with mutual written agreement
between clubs provided they are 500+ miles apart. Written agreement must be submitted to the
Secretary at time of scheduling request. (SR2OCT16)

3. Requests to reserve a specialty date may be submitted 24 months prior to the desired date and
not before.


1. When a request is received to re-print our Breed Standard in a publication, the Secretary
will give permission, providing they include the words “adopted by the Chihuahua Club of America,
August 12, 2008 and effective October 1, 2008”. (SR3 Nov09)

As discussions occur and decisions are made, the Board should be alert and identify standing Rules
as they are approved. After approval by the Board, each new Standing Rule will be inserted into one
or more topics. Many Standing Rules form the basis of committees’ job descriptions. CCA’s Secretary
will intersperse the Standing Rules that have been adopted during the current club year within the
existing Standing Rules and

will continue to update CCA’s SR’s as each year progresses.