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Chihuahua Breed Statistics

No. Name of Dog # of CH Get
1a Pittore’s Flamenco Dancer 17
2a McCormick’s Pennys From Karen 12
2b CH Peg’s Foxi Lady O’Blue Sky’s 12
3a CH Aijalon’s Viva Las Vegas 11
4a Dea’s Willy Watch Me Gnal 10
4b Hale’s Topaz 10
4c Pittore’s Jasmine Tea 10
4d CH Pittore’s Keep on Glancing 10
5a Alorna’s Cotton Candy 9
5b Dartan’s Connie 9
5c Ch Dartan’s I’m Jackee 9
5d Desmond’s One Tuff Cream Puff 9
5e Fandango Diamond Solotaire-S 9
5f Joanna’s Ms McKenzie Talkin’ 9
5g Lucky Lady Of PPP 9
5h Miclanjo Ranton Springintail 9
5i CH Stober’s Challie of Wildwood 9
5j CH Stonehill Scratch Pad 9
5k Windsongs Saya Little Prayer 9
6a CH BK’s Josette Jocal 8
6b CH Bolero Dusty Sky of Whcliff 8
6c CH Dartan’s Magic Moment 8
6d Davishall Just About Snowtime 8
6e Fandango Fame and Fortune-L 8
6f Hack’s Pack Herself’s Lil Elf 8
6g Maestro’s Impressions 8
6h Rebound Pretty In Pink 8
6i Ch Saxon’s Stylin Samantha 8
6j Stonehill Encore L 8
6k Stonehill Make Me Smile 8
6l Tiny Mite’s Say Your Prayers 8
6m Vanderpool’s Ginger Of Navado 8
6n Vanderpool’s Little Mia 8
7a CH Bayard Corretta Genbrook 7
7b CH Bliss Hoosier Pearl O’Cheine 7
7c Bliss Hoosier Red Rose 7
7d CH Burgandy Lil Milady’s Kiss 7
7e Cartwright’s Constance 7
7f CH Dugger’s Fortune Teller 7
7g CH Dartan’s Super Star 7
7h Hack’s Pack Herself the Elf 7
7i Hale’s Cream Puff Lazy VK 7
7j CH H And J’s Hope Diamnond 7
7k CH Hyauna’s Dixhill Demimonde 7
7l Larilyn Moonlite Be Gone 7
7m Maestro’s Magic Moment MNM 7
7n CH Mar-El-To’s The Painted Lady 7
7o CH Mi-Bar’s More Or Less 7
7p CH Minegold Heavenly Bliss 7
7q Misalou’s Miss Mar-El-To 7
7r CH Mt Miew’s Black Magic 7
7s CH Peejaymini Moonineclipse 7
7t Perro De Marca Coqueto S 7
7u CH Pittore’s Merry Memory 7
7v RJR’s Velvet Of Marble 7
7w CH Sha-Ring Shamu Bear O Pags’ 7
7x CH Toylands Darling Dare Me 7
7y CH Toy Valley Lil Mischief N Eden 7
7z CH Weaver’s Special Delivery
7aa CH Windsong Temples Black Pearl 7
7ab CH Wissfire Kiss On A Breeze 7

Chihuahua Club of America Top Producing Dams from Jan 1979 – Dec 2010

No. Name of Dog # of CH Get
1 Ch. Ouachitah Beau Chiene 105
2. Ch. Dartan Grand Slam 75
3. Ch. Dartan Still On Fire 44
4. Ch. Ouachitah Kodiak 42
5. Ch. Mar-Rich’N rumor Has It 40
6. CH Ouachitah Bravisimo 38
7a. Ch. Dartan’s Elfin Magic 35
7b. Ch. Dartan’s Pirate Blackbeard 35
8. Ch. Burgundy Lil Kiss  of Mystery 34
9. Ch. Jo-El’s Drummer Boy 30
10a. Ch. Cam’s Buttontop Beau 30
10b. Ch. Hale’s Bonanza Little Joe 27
10c. Ch. McCormick’s Pepe Le Blue 27
10d. Ch. Ouachitah Mirror Image 27
10e. Ch. RJR’s Reginald of Bayard 27
11a. Ch. Bliss Hoosier Boy Named Sue 26
11b. Ch. Dartan Go For The Gold 26
11c. Ch. Dartan Strut Your Stuff 26
12a. Ch. Mt. View’s One Tuff Terminator 25
12b. Ch. Regnier’s Sealed With A Kiss 25
13a. Ch. Bayard Believe It Or Not RJR 23
13b. Ch. BK’s Bo Knows 23
13c. Ch. Stonehill Go Round 23
14a. Ch. Guichon’s Besame Mucho 22
14b. Ch. Nauset Rip It Up At Bayard 22
14c. Ch. Pittore’s Macho Man 22
14d. Ch. Toltec Bbbbad To The Bone 22
15a. Ch. Bayard Be My Valentine 21
15b. Ch. H & J’s Mystic Wizard 21
15c. Ch. Hurd’s Prom Knight 21
15d. Ch. Kay’s Don Felician0-L 21
15e. Ch. O Pag’s Unforgetable Bear-L 21
15f. Ch. Starjack’s Bounty Hunter 21
16a. Ch. Bk’s Dr Doolittle 20
16b. Ch. Handwerk’s Lucky Strike 20
17a. Ch. Bayard Wind Beneath My Wings 19
17b. Ch. Dartan’s The Invader 19
17c. Ch. Stonehill N Rebound Cobalt-L 19
18a. Ch. Stober’s Patrick Of Wildwood 18
19a. Ch. Dazzle’s Taylor Made 17
19b. Ch. Heathery’s Smokie Joe 17
19c. Ch. Ouachitah Mister Snow Bliss 17
19d. Ch. Royal Piper Of Belmuriz 17
19e. Ch. Shinybrook Peter Panache 17
20a. Ch. Burgundy Lil Zorro 16
20b. Ch. Charming Chi’s Rodney 16
20c. Ch. Dartan Say Blu’ Cheez 16
20d. Ch. Hack’s Pack Just A Smidgen 16
20e. Ch. Jo-El’s Chili Knight 16
20f. Ch. Jo-El’s Hot Off The Press 16
20g. Ch. Leander Bear Catcher of Ballybroke 16
20h. Ch. Misalou’s Spittin Image 16
20j. Ch. Nance’s Pepper Pot Pete 16
20k. Ch. Tanya’s Napoleon Rendezvous 16
20l. Ch. Weaver’s King of Cheers Kelane 16
20m. Ch. Weaver’s One and Only Tipper 16
20n. Ch. Wissfire Simply Smashing 16
21a. Ch. Davishall Patriot Scout 15
21b. Ch. D’Marca Little Ricky Ricardo L 15
21c. Ch. Ginjim’s Royal Acres Mervyn 15
21d. Ch. Mattie’s Bernard 15
21e. Ch. Ouachitah Regency 15
22a. Ch. Alorna’s Top Gun 14
22b. Ch. Bayard Show Biz Wiz Kandee-L 14
22c. Ch. Bk’s King Cotton LC 14
22d. Ch. Bliss Hoosier Damen B 14
22e. Ch. Casa Doj’s Speculation 14
22f. Ch. Dartan-Mohr’s Little Imp 14
22g Ch. Dartan Pirate Swashbuckler 14
22h. Ch. Dartan’s Super Dude 14
22i. Ch. Elh’s Mighty Lunar Of Dartan 14
22j. Ch. Hale’s Ring Of Fire 14
22k. Ch. Jimbob’s Joe Handsome 14
22l. Ch. Maestro’s Opera Buffa 14
22m. Ch. Minegold Take A Look 14
22n. Ch. Ouachitah For Your Eyes Only 14
22o. Ch. Rebound Konfederate 14
22p. Ch. Whitecliffs Sandman 14
22q. Ch. Widogi Willibegood 14
22r. Ch. Will O’Wisp Lil Chips Express 14
23a. Ch. Bk’s A K A Elwood of Vista 13
23b. Ch. Dartan’s Barbary Coast 13
23c. Ch. Dartan’s Black Fang 13
23d. Ch. Dartan’s Elfin Magic Image 13
23e. Ch. Dea’s Slugger At The Plate 13
23f. Genbrook’s Golden Whispers 13
23g. Ch. JC The Main Event 13
23h. Ch. Lyddon’s Fall Guy 13
23i. Ch. Mar-El-To’s Irish Cream 13
23j. Ch. Miclanjo Willhewag Of Lazy VK 13
23k. Ch. Miller’s Little Tike 13
23l. Ch. Ouachitah Mister Snow Bliss 13
23m. Ch. Pittore’s Peter Pan 13
23n. Show Me’s Bodacious Toy Valley 13
23o. Ch. Toltec Take It To The Limit SC 13
24a. Ch. Bk’s Aka Eli 12
24b. Ch. Charming Chi’s Shenandoah 12
24c. Ch. Dea’s Joshua Of Chinchar 12
24d. Ch. Desmond’s Merry Maker 12
24e. Ch. GinJim’s Royal Acres Mervyn 12
24f. Ch. Heatherly’s Mr Bar None of RB’s 12
24g. Ch. Jay N Dot’s Tickled Silly 12
24h. Ch. Jes Hinderliter’s Of GinJim’s 12
24i. Ch. KC’s Cujo Of Blue Sky’s 12
24j. Ch. Lyd-Don Total Eclipse 12
24k. Ch. Mar-Rich Come A Little Closer 12
24l. Ch. Mi-Bar’s Stuffed Shirt 12
24m. Ch. Nauset I Believe I Can Fly 12
24n. Ch. Ouachitah Rialto 12
24o. Ch. Pittore Genbrook N’ Reaster Pan 12
24p. Ch. Regnier’s Whistle For Willy 12
24q. Ch. Sand-Man Cherokee Scout 12
24r. Ch. Sha-Ring’s Flash Gordon 12
24s. Ch. Stonehill Golden Tejas 12
24t. Ch. Stonehill Protoge 12
24u. Ch. Toltec Marsubri Cheyenne Ruff 12

Chihuahua Club of America Top Producing Sires from Jan 1979 – Dec 2010