CCA Handbook

3handbooksWhether you are a member of the Chihuahua Club of America or not, this handbook is for you. Those of you that own and continue to enjoy the four previous editions will find this one helpful as well.  The concept of the handbook was first introduced in 1987 – the purpose is to provide a service to our breed.

The book has three distinct sections:
  1. Articles and Club History – information of interest to the breeder and Chihuahua fancier.
  2. The Pedigree Pages – Used to trace bloodlines and breeding programs.
  3. Advertising
The front section of articles needs no explanation; it contains enlightening information, gleaned from a variety of sources.  This year we have updated previous articles and included some very interesting , little known history of our club.

The Pedigree Pages:

This is really what the handbook is all about.
  • To have as much information about each dog as possible – available at a glance
  • To help us learn more about how each dog was bred;
  • To let us see the results of that breeding
  • To follow how lines have been developed
  • To help us choose the breeding that will aid in our personal efforts to improve the breed
Because these pages are so important, precise guidelines have been strictly enforced and, these pages are limited to Champion dogs, Top Producers recognized by the Chihuahua Club of America, and Obedience Titled dogs.  


This section includes veterans, puppies and non-champions. Many of these ads also include the pedigree.  The Advertising section was completely open and virtually unrestricted therefore, inclusion in the handbook does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of any individual by the Chihuahua Club of America.


AKC’s DNA Compliance Dept. has CORRECTED AND REISSUED new pedigrees that affect the dam of Ch. Dazzles Dennis The Menace HP and Ch. Dazzles Bad Tad for Bear Paw in the 2005 CCA Handbook and the offspring of those dogs in the 2009 CCA Handbook. The ROM for Dazzles League of Her Own has been returned by Donna J. Jensen, so reference to the ROM should be deleted from the 2009 Handbook entries.

Please download the .pdf file and print. If you have difficulty opening this attachment, please request a hard copy be mailed to you from:

The affected pedigrees in the handbooks are:

2005 & 2009 Handbook Corrections 

Page 161 Ch. Dazzles Bad Tad For Bear Paw  
Page 162 Ch. Dazzles Dennis The Menace 

Page 170 Ch. Dazzles Bad Chad  
Page 171 Ch. Dazzles Exterminator D’Kyle 

Page 172 Ch. Dazzles Florida by Storm Proux 
Page 173 Ch. Dazzles Hear Me Roar 

Page 175 Ch. Dazzles Majestic Motion D’Kyle 
Page 177 Ch. Dazzles Sweet Sophie 

Page 178 Ch. Dazzles Taylor Made 
Page 179 Ch. Dazzles Texas By Design 

Page 181 Ch. Dazzles Texas Special Addition  
Page 182 Ch. Dazzles Trevorous Loved By Chappi