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Getting to Know You!

An Interview with Liz Bliss, CCA Lifetime Member

By Katie Greer

Q. Would you like any contact information listed in the article? L.B. Yes, Liz Bliss, Noblesville, Indiana, and my phone is 317.770.9719.

Q. Do you want to share your birth date with us? L.B. 11.26.26. I’ll be 82 next week. Q. How did you get started in Chihuahuas? L.B. Well it was my youngest daughter, who was about 11 years old. She wanted a dog of her own. We had another dog, another breed, but it belonged to her sister and she wanted a dog of her own. She wanted us to get her a Chihuahua, so we did! Q. Were Chihuahuas your first breed? L.B. Yes, we had had dogs when I was a child, this and that, and the other thing, but never did any breeding or anything like that. We just had pets. Q. What is it about Chihuahuas you love most? L.B. They are so sweet. They really are. They just appeal to me. Q. What other breeds do you have now? L.B. None, and I only have only have two Chihuahuas left, two Champions. We lived in Ft. Wayne and our daughters lived outside of Indianapolis. They were after us to move closer, so we finally moved out here. We always had a dozen Chihuahuas and my husband said we’d have to cut down. My daughter said we could have 2 or 3. I said forget about 2 I’ll take 3! We lost one recently. A little black doggie called Chrissie. She died the 4th of July weekend. We have her ashes in a little box on our table here. Q. What is your favorite moment in dog showing? L.B. When we get into Groups and in Best In Show, that’s exciting. Q. What is the funniest moment in your dog career? L.B. (Laughs) Oh boy, there’s been a lot of funny ones! Trying to name the dogs, is fun. I had a black dog that was named CH Bliss Hoosier Oprah Win For Me. Q. What are you most proud of in your breeding program? L.B. I guess it would have to be my Best In Show CH. BLISS HOOSIER BOY NAMED SUE.   The way he got his name was when he was born on a labor day weekend, the men were all out playing golf and I had a cousin here. We were cooking food , you know, and then the mother went into labor, I told my cousin I was going to have to take her to the Vet for a c-section.  There were 3 puppies, and I called them Small, Medium, and Large. He was Medium. He had a hard time getting going. One of the girls that worked in the clinic came over and worked on him and brought him around. I told her I would have to name the puppy after her and she said you can’t he’s a boy. I said I sure could, and I did!  I finished him and then Linda George took over on him and specialed him. One day she called me and said he did quite well. She said he got a blue ribbon, well I said that’s good. Then she said he got a purple ribbon, and on and on. Then she said he got this thing you might want to hang on your wall or something. It’s a rosette, and it’s red, white, and blue and says Best In Show on it! Q.     Are you a judge, or do you aspire to be? L.B. (Laughs) No! If I were a judge why would I be sell my best and keep the rest? Q.    What is the biggest difference between dog shows when you started and the dog shows we have today? L.B. For one thing it’s the quality of the Chihuahuas. When I first started the quality was very poor and it increased all along and here we are today. Q. What is the most important advice you have for us regarding breeding? L.B. Well picking out the best stud you can find not necessarily from someone that lives down the street. You want to get one that has the qualities you want. I didn’t keep any males for a long, long time. I only had bitches. Q. What parting comments would you like to leave us with? L.B. Well there are several. I would like for our club to get back to where it used to be and not have all this back stabbing that is going on. That’s enough about that.  Also, I didn’t want, wouldn’t have, and wouldn’t want any part of the merle issue, never had any part of that. But if everybody voted, it was a fair vote, and the people that wanted merle won then I would have to go along with it; although I wouldn’t ever have any.  I wish everybody would be friends and get along and help put the qualities of your dogs most important. Go for quality!

Getting to Know You!

An Interview with Carolyn Mooney

By:Katie Greer Q  :   How did you get started in Chihuahuas?

CM: I’ve loved dogs all of my life.  As a child, I would get a new dog, only to have to give it away when Dad was transferred to a new base.  Then I married a military man, and it was the same old story.  The hardest to give up was our Sheltie Scout.  He was such a wonderful dog, and protected my daughter always. When we returned to the states in 1968, after a time in the Philippines, I told John I was going to get a little dog that we could take with us when we moved.  I saw an ad in the paper for Chihuahua puppies, and advertising a long coat Champion at stud.  I had seen one long coat Chihuahua a few years ago. I told John that I would like to get a long coat, because it would be similar to a tiny Sheltie.  Answered the ad, and it was from another military wife, Muriel Jones.  Went to see the puppies, who were only a few weeks old.   Saw the Mother dog, Stober’s Miss Bubbles, C.D., her daughter (Ch.) Jones’ Baby Snooks,  and the male Ch.Stober’s Gay Strutter, (C.D.).  I fell head over heels in love with the long coat adults.  The litter of puppies had only one female, a white pup, supposedly a long coat. (Sire was a smooth).  I put a deposit on the female, and went to visit her every couple of days. Meanwhile Muriel made a two pup offer telling me the little fawn male was show quality.  I bought them both.  The female grew up to be (smooth coat) Mooney’s Little Bit, C.D.X, and gave me my first home-bred Ch. Mooney’s Dinah Mite.  But I am getting ahead of myself, the “show quality” male turned out to have a heart defect.  Muriel later replaced him with a long coat male who grew up to be Ch. Jocar’s Chico Abanderado.  But meanwhile I was without the promised showdog, and Muriel put me in touch with Anne Stober.  Ann sold me a lovely tri-color splash female, who grew up to be Ch. Stober’s Andra Lita, and my first Champion.  I actually had her entered in the first dog show I ever saw, and thought I could win Best In Show with her.  She did take the Variety under Clara Alford, but then she was the only entry.

Q  :Were Chihuahuas your first breed?

CM: Chihuahuas were my first show and breeding dogs.  I had owned a purebred, but unregistered Collie in 1950.  A purebred but unregistered Cocker Spaniel in 1952. All other dogs had been mixed breeds until 1955.  When we returned to the states from Japan after I graduated from high school, I won 64 silver dollars playing bingo.  I had told my Mom that if I won the cash jackpot I was going to buy a dog.  She laughed and said OK – believing she was safe.  When I said Bingo, my little brother jumped up and said “we get our dog!”.  For 30 silver dollars I purchased a fawn and white, with black mask Boxer bitch who I named Corky’s Golden Princess.  I had her papers and her pedigree, and had no idea what I had.  She was a Ch. Bang-a-way of Sirrah Crest granddaughter, and was truly a lovely girl. She loved my Dad best, and when I got married I sold her to Dad for $1.

Q   :What other breeds do you have now?

CM: I own one Tibetan Spaniel, Ch. Eaglecrest Sik’is at Miclanjo, better known as Buddy.  He is my constant companion.  While I don’t own them there are four Chinese Cresteds here, three are Michael’s and one is Clayton’s. Clayton also has a Papillon in residence.  We also have six Devon Rex cats. Q:     Many of your family members are also involved in dog showing please tell us more about them.

CM: Papajohn is currently approved to judge six toy breeds.  He has been President of the Chinese Crested Club of Potomac, since the club was formed.  And he was just humoring me with the dog show game.  He was not going to get involved!

My oldest son Michael is an obedience trainer and is approved to judge Novice, Open and all Levels of Rally.  He is still actively competing in obedience.  He had the first powder puff female C.D. when the Chinese Crested was first accepted.  He is, today, the only person to have a mother and daughter powder puff Chinese Crested obtain AKC U.D. titles.  His kennel name is Wagayo Clayton (second oldest) is continuing to carry our banner in the conformation ring, as well as breeding and showing his own under the kennel name of Ranton.  He has one breeder/owner handled Tibetan Spaniel Champion, as well as his Chihuahuas. Angela, my third child and only daughter, still loves dogs.  Right now only owns one, a Korean Jindoo, but hopes to get back into showing some day. John, the youngest does not “do dogs”.  He is very active in Siamese cat rescue.  When asked why he doesn’t “do dogs” he replies “Shoot, I grew up thinking I was a dog”. Michael’s daughter Marie is currently away at college.  But she has put a C.D. on one Chihuahua, and has legs on a second.  But her greatest accomplishment was putting a C.D. on her Grandfather’s Afghan Hound, Silvertone Exotic Miclanjo.  Marie was 14, Zottie was 7, and the C.D. was earned in three consecutive shows (and the first three entered), with scores in the 180’s. Q:     What is your favorite moment in dog showing? CM: I think the day I handled my first Chihuahua to a group placement.  She was my homebred Ch. Mooney’s Su Cie Miclanjo, and we got a 3rd.  Papajohn was announcing the groups and he said “First to the Toy Poodle, second to the MinPin, AND THIRD TO THE LONG COAT CHIHUAHUA!”  And yes he was shouting the last part. Q:     What is your favorite memory of judging?

CM: My judging career was short, but there are so many truly fond memories. Perhaps we can do a whole section on these.

The biggest thrill for me, as regards judging, was judging the Chihuahua Club of America in 1998.  But that was preceded by the honor of having my peers vote for me to do  that assignment.