Chihuahua Club of America

2024 Regional/National Show Site Selection

Dear CCA Members,

Last year, about one week after our 2022 National Specialty the CCA leadership was finally officially notified that the Holiday Inn in St. Louis would not be available to any dog clubs. Up until that time we were told that the staff and management loved our breed and they were hoping we would be an exception. This late notice put us in a pinch to find a suitable venue for our 2023 Specialty. Our show chairs, Kyle Potts and Michelle Brislin went right to work and contacted Susan Francois, who has done a great job for us in the past.

It is no easy task to find a hotel that is willing to allow dog shows, and meets all of our requirements. Most importantly, they must be available for our dates which are grandfathered with AKC. The distance from an airport is also crucial. Next, the cost of rooms, pet fees, and of course the use of the Ballroom and whether or not the food and beverage costs are within our budget.


Susan researched many options and we were able to book the Hyatt Place in Garland Texas for 2023. Next on the agenda was to find a suitable venue for future shows. Our members, have let us know that they would like future venues to be centrally located. We are doing our very best to do so. Out of multiple hotels that responded we have settled on two to be considered for 2024. They are Hyatt Place in Garland, Texas and the Renaissance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We feel, if we have the next two years locked in that will give us plenty of time to continue our search.

To allow our members to make the final choice for our 2024 venue, we are sending out a survey. The deadline to respond is June 3, 2023. Only members may cast a vote.


Christie Foulk

CCA Secretary

2024 Hotel Selection

CCA Members Only Vote. 

 All votes will be compared to the 2023 CCA Roster.

Deadline To Vote: June 3, 2023