CCA Code of Ethics

As a member of The Chihuahua Club of America,

  1. I  pledge to uphold the goals of the Club as set forth in the club’s Constitution and By-Laws.
  2. I pledge to uphold the American Kennel Club rules applying to Dog Shows and Registration and the Chihuahua Club of America’s Rules applying to its Dog Shows
  3. I pledge to breed only AKC registered Chihuahuas, or Chihuahuas from registries which are acceptable to the American Kennel Club
  4. I pledge to keep myself informed in the areas of dog health and genetics and to carefully evaluate all breeding stock for hereditary faults or disqualifying defects
  5. I pledge to be responsible for all Chihuahuas that I have produced for their entire life-time by:
    1. never buying, selling or trading my/our Chihuahuas to research laboratories, pet stores, or to auctions nor placing them in rescue groups.
    2. taking back my Chihuahuas, either sold or given, but unwanted by the current owners or helping the current owners find them new homes.

6.  I  pledge to abide by the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.
7.  I  pledge to conduct all of my Chihuahua related business practices in a clear and concise manner, recognizing that no business dispute will be resolved by the CCA.
8. I  pledge whether at home, traveling, at shows or motels I will treat all present, including competitors, judges, officials, and spectators with respect and courtesy. This includes respect for show sites, national convention and overflow facilities, internet forums, lists, and other social media, as well as all other aspects of responsible dog ownership.

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The Chihuahua Club of America would like to encourage all breeders to health test their dogs (*Cardiac * Patella * Eyes) and submit the results to CHIC – the health database that is jointly sponsored by the AKC/Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) – and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) – This will help benefit the Chihuahua as a breed and help us learn more about better breeding practices for the future. CHIC provides a reliable source of information to breeders regarding dogs that may be used in their breeding programs. In the future, breeders can begin to analyze the pedigrees of a proposed breeding for health strengths and weaknesses as well the traditional analysis of conformation, type, and performance strengths and weaknesses.


Adopted by the CCA Membership October 8, 2010